Saturday, August 20, 2011

No I'm not Anna. Don't jail me, I support corruption . . .

I wasn't really born when the saga started. End of first trimester & I wanted to know my sex, for a small premium on the fee the ultra-sonologist obliged me. Happy to learn that I was a male I decided to abort abortion.
At 9 months I could have descended the normal channel but my obstetrician did not want to take any chances (or lose opportunity) so I came out the Caesarian way - that was my first lesson in opening the alternate doors.
The obstetrician in her rush completely forgot the technical flaw in my date of birth - I didn't want to lose a year of school due to this chronological blunder. The remedy, however, was simple & the MCD clerk didn't charge too much for tweaking my almanac.
What was not easy was the entry to the school. I called all my connections & pulled all the string to get myself a seat. When nothing worked I took to the old trusted route - and actually what is wrong in supporting the forever under construction school building?
Thereafter, life was simple. School projects were simple digital exercises in reassembling the downloaded data - it also helped me keep my parents occupied. I didn't have to stoop too low to buy leaked question papers, I could afford the / de capitation. And taking private tuition classes from the teachers ensured a comfortable passage through the exam trail.
I could become anything a doctor, engineer, a police officer, a politician, a business man, a lawyer, a judge, a clerk in the office or even a senior IAS officer - I had the basic qualification common to all. So I come in many Avatars: When I'm a doctor I forget Hippocrates & go ahead to cut where a gentle touch could do wonders, when I'm an engineer I cut corners to fatten my dough, when I'm police it's easy I don't need to do anything & they just keep filling my pockets, as a business man I work hard to earn & harder to hide from taxes, when I drive I'm in my own world where there are no rules and you will never find in my actions what you would hear in the words that I preach. Sports doesn't mean that you have to play hard to earn gold - the real game is off the field which I play to my last breath.
I feast when they fast or some starve. Money is my God & corruption is my religion. Call me a pedigreed Indian if you will, but don't accuse me of being Anna . . .