Sunday, November 30, 2008

The most abusive words - "stay calm".

Weapons from WW II, originally uploaded by heartthatbeats.

Kandhar, Delhi, Mumbai, Parliament, Redfort ...... "Bharatmata" (Mother India) is being repeatedly raped and gang-raped, and our most senior sons of the nation - our leaders come on national channels and utter the most abusive words, "stay calm". Watch your mother being raped while we workout a peaceful resolution of the crisis in the larger interest ... interests larger than the nation herself. "Stay calm" till you join many of your brethren in the calm of the death.

"If you watch while your women folk are being insulted and do nothing. It is not non-violence, it is cowardice" - said Mahatama Gandhi, the greatest proponent of peace. And today's politicians in power, the disciples of Gandhian philosophy, have been mute spectators to the terror "tamasha".

Do we need morose leaders who address the nation in slow motion and cold blood to only offer the impotent words, "stay calm"? Do we need leaders who let the nation die while clutching hard to the last breaths of their political life?

Where are the charismatic leaders who would shed the last drop of their blood to save the national dignity? Where are the politician who would dare to sacrifice even 100 of our own for eliminating every single terrorist, every single anti-Indian? Where are the ministers who would inspire in their fellow men, a will to die for the nation?

12 million jews were exterminated between 1939-1945 at the hand of Nazis, just because they stayed "calm" and so stayed the Americas and the Britains. The war against the Axis powers was foght for reasons other than humanitarian. For the dying jews there was only a sinister "calm".

If we stay "calm" or wait for the Americas and the Britains to come and help us out, then we will need to wait till our funeral. If we do not shed our "calm" then only the "calm" of death will prevail.

You can often hear the world politicians screaming that democracy will wield its magic wand and the terrorism would be gone. If democracy, peace, non-violence could deal with terrorism, there would never ever be any terrorism in India. A terrorist would pay heed to the meaning of the word "non-violence" if only it came from the lips of strong, powerful and potent people like the president of America and not from the Home Minister of India.

Masses are tricked into believing religion is the cause & cure of terrorism. The other religion killed your, so you go kill others'. Least do we realize that religion is just a divisive tool in the hands of politicians that help them stay in power. We, as fools, get controlled by it.

These days religion has got nothing to do with God. Religion dumped God a long long time ago and, therefore, God dumped religion.


Swati said...

Agree about the religion, but not about staying calm. There is a subtle difference between staying calm and cowardice+indifference, but it is there. Something like conservative surgical management. Just as that is more than 'not doing anything'; is watchful expectancy, being fully aware of the situation, knowing and predicting the direction of a patient's health, and stepping in with swift decision once signs point towards deterioration, so is being calm more than apathy. High heat of emotions is the hallmark of ill thought out, poorly planned and expensive actions - expensive in more than just monetary terms. Calmness is what distinguishes a general from the hooligan on the street, part of a lynching mob. Unless of course you want to incite rage and destruction, wish to answer with a stone to what has been said in bricks, destroy more life, create more vacuums for discontent and unhappiness to step in, further your political ambitions by manipulating people... Action is necessary, but not knee jerk reaction.

Enough said!

Sudhi said...

I totally agree with your opinion. Religion has become a tool for the politicians (world over) to tame their voters for their political survival. In India, it has become the only available dirty trick that can be easily used on the mass.

Dyslexicon said...

Terrorism has been like an aggressive metastatic cancer. The "masterly inactivity" has lead to its spread to a stage where only palliation of the terminally ill remains the only line of management. Months have passed since Mumbai attacks - and what has been done in the name of justice or prevention ...

And religion? There's so much peace and pride in knowing that I'm an atheist.