Friday, April 18, 2008

Butterfly-by-night !

Nectoronics !, originally uploaded by heartthatbeats.

And there she sat in front of me. Her eyes enquiring, "what next?"

I hadn't fancied or fantasized encountering a butterfly although I had questioned myself as to how I would react to one. No wonder I was unprepared, I would not even recognize were she not introduced by another flower. While fellow flowers fluttered, I shyied away folding my petals and hiding in the dark of the night. I could have had all her skillful love for a little nectar - no but I would not part, I wouldn't exchange.

"Toss the dice", she said "and make fortune of the night". "I don't gamble", was my muffled reply. Before she could open her wings, I walked away.

The close encounter with a butterfly ended before it began.


That was it... said...

Great post.

Quest said...

I must empathize with the butterfly.You denying her food& means of survival!Thank heaven's there were other flowers to take care of her!She would have been dead otherwise!!And what were you planning to do with the nectar?? Don't you know she had a right over it and it is in the nature of the flower to provide her with it???Sorry,that's wicked me in an equally wicked mood!!
It's beautiful!And the words equally powerful, reflecting your own self!

Dyslexicon said...

Commodities do not have the right to be bought - that's buyer's prerogative ;-)

sonny said...

any butterfly that has to ask the dice to be tossed....well....where's the fun in that....